Firefly: Echoes of War

Getting Remember

Remember's rescue from capitans POV.

“Did you get them, doc?”, Capitan yelled in the comm system, “Well what’s taking you so long, I can’t stay here all day… Trip, go help Doc he got some problem with the lifting mechanism… Tian na (my god or god), I don’t know, why don’t you go and ask him yourself what’s the problem!”

“You’ve got her? Good.” The “Lusty Barnacle” started to move away from the mansion of Etienne Du Bujac. “Did she tell you when the shipment is?… What do you mean drugged her, did you ask her where the delivery is going to be!?!?!?… Daniel, I need her up and talking in two minutes!… Because it’s the time it will take us to get to the RV point with Viktor!!!”

“Viktor we are coming in to the RV, you there… I’m landing her down, and we are in a hurry. Seems like our friend Du Bujac is making a delivery now!”



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