Charles Ankoshka Smith, aka "The Smith"

Fabricator Extrodinare



Mental 10 Physical 8 Social 6


Skill Dice Specialty Skill Dice Specialty
Craft 10 Firearm Mods Notice 6
Drive 8 Operate 8
Fight 4 Perform 4
Fix 10 Shoot 8 Shotguns
Fly 4 Sneak 6
Focus 4 Survive 4
Influence 4 Throw 4
Know 8 Alliance Armory Treat 4
Labor 4 Trick 4
Move 6


Brilliant Gunsmith 8

You’ve got a knack for being a tech wiz. Guns make the most money, so you followed the market.
x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Design Flaw: Spend 1 PP to step back a firearm Asset (including a Signature Asset) by exploiting an inferior weapon.
x Genius Inventor: Spend 1 PP to create a 8 Asset when you fiddle with someone else’s gun for a scene.

Highlighted Skills: Fix, Notice, Shoot

Custom Kit Builder 8

Sometimes you can’t get what you want off-the-shelf. Instead of rigging something half-assed, you make something unique to fit the bill.
x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Quality Craftsmanship: When you take the time to custom make a tool or part at your workbench, spend 1 PP to create a 8 Asset.
- Rapid Prototyper: Fabricating components and tools on the fly requires a wide and varying knowledgebase. When you need to draw upon that buried knowledge, spend 1PP to add a Craft or Fix Specialization.
Highlighted Skills: Craft, Know, Operate

Lifetime of Misdeeds 8

This sort of life has a tendency to catch up with you.
x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
x Jack of All Trades: Take or step up a Sins Of My Past Complication to step up Shoot or Trick for the rest of the scene.
- Trick of the Trade: Spend 1 PP to create an Operate or Sneak Specialty for the rest of the session.

Highlighted Skills: Drive, Operate, Sneak

Signature Assets

“My Kit of Many Things” Customized Toolkit 8 ts_savage_f.jpg

Tools are a critical part of The Smiths line of work. Tiny pin-punches to open up Deringers to his hand-held arc welder for work on a kinetic warhead. Without his Kit of Many Things, The Smith wouldn’t have access to what he needs to do what he needs. Contained within the steel toolbox are a number of tools, from his gunsmithing kit to electrical maintenance tools, even a few handcrafted tools for those odd jobs, like unclamping a Dyson CR231 electrical array from underneath the body plates of a EMP warhead. There’s even room for the basic tools, such as a hammer for hitting annoying crewmembers with. With a scissor lift to get the bag off the ground, electromagnetic plates to secure it to the hull, even a custom slot for an equally custom firearm to hide inside the toolkit; after all, sometimes to fix things you need to break them first.

“Armand Leonard SC12” Compacting Shotgun 6 redirect.php.jpg

The Armand Leonard SC12 Compacting Shotgun is part revolver, part shotgun, and all unique design. Utilizing a split-frame design to allow the weapon to be folded down and a removable revolver-style magazine, the SC12. With its electronic trigger system, shell-type display, and optional fold-over magnification sights for long-range shooting, it’s a universally useful and highly concealable weapon. The weapon can also be loaded with any number of standardized shotgun shells, including high-explosive and armor penetrating ballistic. Of course, it’s not ‘quick’ on the draw in its compacted form, requiring a 4-step readying to make the weapon more than just a fancy metal brick with a handle. The Smith has modified his to take non-standard 10gauge shells, slightly larger than the normal 12gauge, mounted the optional folding magnification sights, and refined the cylinder rotation system to operate smoother than factory standard.


Journals and Adventure Logs


Record Information:

Name: Smith, Charles Ankoshka
Birthdate: 7JAN2488
Birthplace: Virgil Hospital, 5th Gate District, Dis, Hades Moon, Persephone Orbit, White Star System
Last Registered Address:
DeVoy Arms Apartments, C/O Bradshaw Wilkins,
Apt. 193, Evesdown, Persephone, White Star System
RECORDKEEPERS NOTE: No correspondence response in 2+ years. Filing as PREVIOUS RESIDENCE.
Next of Kin:
Mother: Smith, Natalia Cassandra, Deceased, 2488 (Child Birth)
Father: Smith, Franklin William, Deceased, 2410 (KIA, Battle of Du-Kang, Civilian Casualty)
Sibling: (Brother) Smith, Roman Arturo, Living
RECORDKEEPERS NOTE: Active residential and community information on Smith, Roman Arturo, aka “Roman Art,” ready and available via Observation File 5589724-15{LUXOR}
Serviceman: YES
Draft: YES
Draft Office: Dis Service Station 316, 7th Gate District, Dis, Hades Moon, Persephone Orbit, White Star System
Branch: Alliance Armed Forces
Rank: Corporal, Armory Detail
Armory Detail Certification
Armory Detail Commendation – 2Lt. Yun, SOG 44
Armory Detail Commendation – Lt. Griggs, SOG 44
Armory Detail Commendation – Cpt. Waltz, SOG 44
Armory Detail Commendation – LtCol. Shun-Wei, SOG 44
Bronze Cross – Armory Detail
Silver Shield – Service Time
Unification War Serviceman Medal
Honorable Discharge Scripture
Brig Time: None on Record
RECORDKEEPERS NOTE: Investigated regarding Case File 2284974-REDACTED. Agent REDACTED shut case 16AUG12. Filed for Security Clearance denied 22DEC12.

Psychological Profile:

Analyst: Dr. Trentson
Session Date: 4JUL07
Session Notes: Cpl. Smith is noted with mild egomanic tendencies with root-family connections, despite no contact for 5+ years. Does not respond to SPBE (Standard Propaganda Battery Exam) in either positive or negative numbers, giving him a “neutral party” mindset on the war. Cpl. Smith is also noted with an abnormal curiosity to mechanical items and puzzles presented, setting a record time with the Faustin Engine Test. Recommending NO Front Line Assignments, as Smith shows signs of ADD in levels deemed dangerous in combat situations. ADD is “managed” by Cpl. Smith with his maintenance work, but not to satisfactory levels. As the superiors would say, “Stick him in the rear with the gear.”

Biological Data:

GeneCode File: 77895426-CAS-117
Race: Caucasian, “Eastern European” sub-race
Hair: Black, Smooth
Facial: Beard, Smooth, Full
Eye: Dark Blue (“Sapphire”)
Height: 1.98m / 6ft 6in
Weight: 77.1 / 170lb
Identifying Marks:
Mending, right flank, upper ribs.
Scars, blade wounds, left shoulder blade.
Scars, burn, plasma, right foot w/ skin graft
Scars, GSW, left solar plexus.
Scars, GSW, left flank, lower ribs.
Tattoo, “Biblical Scripture – See Notes,” right pectoral.
Note: Tattoo reads as follows – “I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him.”
RECORDKEEPERS NOTE: Tattoo known from Holy Bible, “Revelations 6:7-8.” Relation to either Hades Moon, Persephone or to Shepherd’s Order inconclusive.

Civilian Records:

Name: Smith, Charles Ankoshka
Birthdate: 7JAN2488
Serviceman: YES
Citizen: YES – Hades Moon, Persephone
Criminal Activity:
Public Intoxication – 7JAN09 – Londinum, White Star – Warning Issued to Serviceman
RECORDKEEPERS NOTE: Unable to discern why Civilian Records have Alliance Security redaction. Filed for Security Clearance denied 11NOV13.

Recordkeepers Final Notes:

Records on Smith, Charles Ankoshka are abnormally out-of-date despite being a Core Worlds registered citizen and an Alliance Military Serviceman. Number of Redactions authorized by Alliance Security abnormal for an Enlistedman. Filed for Security Investigations denied on 22DEC12, 18APR13, 11NOV13. Having 3 Security Records Checks denied on the same person with no red-flags raised is abnormal and I will be filing formal charges of Recordkeepers Corruption with my superiors. Until these charges are dealt with, I will be closing this Personnel File with Level 4 Clearance.
~ Recordkeeper TRVC-003851-88

… But what does the Crew have to say?

His Looks:

Smith stands a solid six feet tall, weighing just under 200lbs of lean bodymass. His natural sapphire eyecolor gives him a distinctive stare, while smooth, jet-black hair and a well-oiled beard easily help him remain innocuous. Seemingly always chuckling over some unheard joke, his smirk appears almost as a permanent fixture on his face. Despite most often being found up to his elbows in grease or soot, he keeps his facial hair clean and groomed; a sign of pride in that beard, despite everything else about him being dirty.
Often he’s dressed in a custom made jumpsuit, with dark padded leather around the shoulders, elbows, and knees, and gray canvas for the sleeves. A black undershirt, when seen while cooling off, often reads, “You just do the flyin’, and we do all the dyin’. MOBILE INFANTRY”. Around his neck are a pair of dogtags covered in electrical tape and several small jars with bits of metal jingling around inside of.

His Charm:

Defining him as “socially normal” is about as accurate as declaring a wild stallion “fit as a show pony.” Sure, he can “behave,” like a normal human being, but more often his attention span wanes and he returns to his tools or project and ignores whatever you had to say. It’s not that he has an attention problem; it’s just you have a problem keeping him giving a damn what you have to say. Employers say the same thing about him everywhere; when he cares, he listens. When he doesn’t, he lets you know and gets back to doing something productive. When he was in production, he often relied on a “stand-in negotiator” to do the talking, else he’d often irritate a client with his flippant disregard to authority and scrub the deal because they ramble. Not to say he won’t ramble, such as discussing the advantages of a Farragut TCR over a Devoy Battalion Issue Rifle or…
He enjoys sleeping in hammocks instead of beds when presented with a choice, and often will modify his bunkspace to accommodate one if he decides to stay around. This may include things such as a secondary workspace for his own projects or even additional security. You may not like what he does to your bunkspace as a captain, but when you engineer can’t find a part, he can pull a miracle of repairing parts, if only to get people to stop screaming…

His History:

Charles Ankoshka Smith keeps his history close to his chest, both figuratively and literally. Among his possessions include a pair of tape-covered dog-tags with several metal and glass jars strung on a standard beaded chain. Why he keeps these he won’t say beyond them being “a reminder I’m still here.” What history he does speak of, he does so cheerfully.
Before joining the crew of <ship name="true"> he worked as a “journeyman,” going from planet to planet, station to station, ship to ship, plying his trade and his ingenuity where it could profit most. Sometimes legitimately, other times not. He never was a man afraid to get his hands dirty. Years ago he met a fellow journeyman named Viktor Roux, a soldier-of-fortune type, and over their friendship crossed and separated many times.
Sometimes they were on the same ship or station together at the same moment, other times it was months of service to the same employer. After awhile, they realized they made a good partnership and went into business together. This partnership continues today, aboard the <ships name="true">, where they serve valiantly as crewmen… Or as valiant as two crooks can…

Charles Ankoshka Smith, aka "The Smith"

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