Étienne Du Bujac

Disreputable Businessman


“Everything can be had for the right price. You just have to figure what that is and who’s going to pay it.”

  • Character Type: Disreputable Businessman
  • Role: Primary antagonist who runs the town of Hannibal, its adjacent mine, and a transport ship called the Zhan che.
  • Acts: I, II, III, and IV


Since then, du Bujac has relentlessly muscled his way into the mine and the town of Hannibal. Not only did he install his own pet sheriff, Isaac Demsky, he also hired a small army of mercenaries and silenced any who stood against him. By the time some townsfolk suspected Morrison wasn’t the real murderer, du Bujac was already firmly in control and no one dared confront him.

All fine cigars and expensive suits, Etienne du Bujac doesn’t look much like a mining boss or a bully. He is acutely aware of how fragile his position is and he tries to protect himself accordingly. Paranoid to a fault, du Bujac doesn’t cut corners with security, personal or otherwise, and won’t shortchange those who keep him safe. Instead, he’ll cheat everyone else he comes across and has no qualms ordering other folk around to do it, too—provided they can follow orders.

Likes and Dislikes

Du Bujac is younger and plainer than he appears. Without his fancy hat and well-groomed moustache, he’d be easy enough to overlook. Fact is, du Bujac has a spending problem. He likes to smoke the best cigars, drink the best liquor, and be surrounded by admirers. Fancying himself a gentleman, du Bujac has worked hard to speak properly and carry himself like a lord. Though he won’t tolerate anyone who dares to laugh at him, he’s a patient fellow who will strike when the time is right—provided [REDACTED] doesn’t collect his debts first.

Flashbacks and Echoes

Occasionally, du Bujac’ll tell stories about the War that range from his heroic efforts carrying an Alliance general across enemy lines to a fancy ball he attended on Bellerophon. To the average listener, it’s impossible to tell if these stories are true or simply pretty lies.

Étienne Du Bujac

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