Grady Hopkins

Grizzled Mine Foreman


“I ain’t used to purty words. You want my help? Do somethin’ for me, first.”

  • Character Type: Grizzled Mine Foreman
  • Role: Manages miners. Unwillingly serves du Bujac.
  • Acts: II and III


Skill Dice
Mental 6
Physical 6
Social 6
Operate 8
Fight 6
Mining Foreman 8

Grady Hopkins worked the mine from the very beginning and was Morrison’s assistant under her charge. When du Bujac took over five years ago, Hopkins confronted him and told the man he didn’t know a thing about mining. Du Bujac agreed and offered him a job but, at first, Hopkins refused, opting to work in the town saloon as a bartender instead.

A few months ago, du Bujac kidnapped his daughter, Remember, at [REDACTED]’s behest. Using her as leverage, du Bujac forced her father to get the mine back up-and-running by handing him an ultimatum: if the mine wasn’t profitable, du Bujac warned, Remember would suffer the consequences. Either Hopkins worked the mine, or he’d be arrested and never see his daughter again. Ever since that fateful day, Grady Hopkins has worked himself and the miners to the bone to fill du Bujac’s pockets. His knowledge has paid off, for Hopkins is responsible for finding the new vein of precious metals. A wiry, thin man, the mining foreman looks like he’s never had a day off in his life.

Grady Hopkins

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