Kit Ketchum

“Deal out the cards. They can take me to jail when I’m good and ready.”



Mental 8 Physical 6 Social 10


Skill Dice Specialty Skill Dice Specialty
Craft 4 Notice 10 Emotions
Drive 4 Operate 4
Fight 10 Perform 4
Fix 4 Shoot 4
Fly 4 Sneak 4
Focus 10 Survive 6
Influence 10 Gambling Throw 4
Know 6 Treat 4
Labor 4 Trick 10 Slight of Hand
Move 4


Gambler 8

The greater the risk, the greater the thrill. You’re addicted to the luck of the draw.

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
x Risky Business: If you replace your Skill die in a roll with a 4, you get a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if you successfully set or raise the stakes.
- All or Nothing: When you are about to be Taken Out in a scene, spend 1 PP to reroll your dice. If you fail to set or raise the stakes on your second roll, you cannot spend a PP to stay in the fight.

Highlighted Skills: Focus, Notice, Trick

Reader 8

You know things you shouldn’t. Some call you a witch. They’re just scared of what you represent.

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Secrets, Secrets: When you are in the presence of someone who is trying to keep a secret, spend 1 PP to discover the secret with a Mental + Know Action. If your Action fails, create or step up a Paranoid Complication.
- Psychic Flashes: Once per scene, spend 1 PP to create a 8 Complication on a Gamemaster character by blurting out a secret or negative fate.

Highlighted Skills: Focus, Influence, Notice

Sore Loser 8

They cheated! You weren’t ready! The sun was in your eyes! Double or Nothing!

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Sulk: Step up a Complication gained in a contest you lost fair and square to gain 1 PP.
x Cheat to Win: Create a 8 Asset of your choice when you openly cheat or lie to win a contest.

Highlighted Skills: Fight, Know, Focus

Signature Assets

Fake Ident Cards 8

You’ve got a terrible habit and deep down inside you know your reputation is spreadin’ in a bad way. To set your mind at ease, you’ve got a collection of fake ident cards that you use to get yourself out of trouble. Though you ain’t sure who you’ll pretend to be next, your ident cards will distract the Law when need be.



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Kit Ketchum

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