Unassuming Enforcer


“Allow me to ask you a question: are you smart? Because if you’re lying to me, you probably aren’t.”

  • Character Type: Unassuming Enforcer
  • Role: Adelai Niska’s employee charged with ensuring du Bujac
  • makes good on his debt.
  • Acts: II, Epilogue

Kostya works for the legendary crime boss Adelai Niska. He lurks in the background of du Bujac’s operation and won’t make himself known until absolutely necessary. Though outward appearances would suggest otherwise, du Bujac answers to Kostya. Wherever du Bujac is, Kostya is sure to be one step behind.

When Kostya senses a problem, he works diligently and rationally to isolate, address, and solve it. Beginning with the task at hand, Niska’s enforcer will collect details and patiently analyze them until he arrives at an intuitive conclusion. Though he professes to be a scientific man, often he relies on his uncanny instincts. Kostya’d never admit the truth, on account of the fact that he’s uncomfortable with his gifts, but many suspect that he might be a reader.

Other than the spectacles Kostya wears, there is nothing remarkable about him. He has a plain appearance that makes it hard to guess his age and lets him blends easily into a crowd. No one can remember seeing him laugh, cry, or express any strong emotion. Though he prefers to remain inconspicuous, Kostya typically dresses in fine clothes and tends to be well groomed, drawing attention on some backwater moons.

Those traits, coupled with his tendency to speak only when necessary, has made du Bujac more than a little uncomfortable. While he works for a criminal mastermind, Kostya rarely carries weapons and prefers, instead, to resolve conflicts by making others get their hands dirty. He will, when backed into a corner, take hostages and create chaos so he can slip away and return with reinforcements.

Likes and Dislikes

Kostya prefers his work to be neat and tidy. He hates loose ends, wasted resources, and anything that displeases his boss. Though he has no qualms about killing, he’d rather hire someone else to commit the acts necessary to keep Niska’s house in order. This enforcer prefers to work quietly and efficiently, and always knows more than he’s letting on.

Flashbacks and Echoes

Kostya did not fight for either side in the War because he believes it was a waste of time and resources. The Alliance, given their size and reach, was bound to win and the Independents martyred themselves for nothing. Those who talk to him about the War may learn a valuable lesson: that Kostya doesn’t believe in religions, causes, or philosophies. He cares only about survival of the fittest and, to a man brave enough to be Niska’s enforcer, that’d be him.


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