Remember Hopkins

Grady's Daughter

Skill Dice
Mental 6
Physical 4
Social 8
Influence 8
Move 6
Perform 6
Curious 8

“It’s a good thing I got my wits about me.”

  • Character Type: Hostage
  • Role: Knows du Bujac’s secret and was punished for it.
  • Acts: Act I, II, and III

When she first met Etienne du Bujac, Remember Hopkins was charmed by his sophisticated ways and expensive tastes. Like many teenage girls, she fancied herself in love with him and followed the smooth-talking du Bujac wherever he went. Eventually they became involved, a matter that made her father none too happy seeing as how Bujac was effectively destroying their town.

But, curious to a fault, Remember overheard [REDACTED] and du Bujac talking about how the mine was dried up and du Bujac was in serious trouble. Just as she was about to run back to her father with the news, [REDACTED] caught her snooping and locked her up. Though she’s been treated well, Remember’s been living in du Bujac’s home ever since.

Remember may be a hostage, but that don’t mean she’s fragile and weak. This teenage girl has seen du Bujac’s true colors and will cause trouble the first chance she gets. She knows better than to scream or kick her way out, for she’s deathly afraid [REDACTED] will hurt her daddy if she tries. Given the right circumstance, Remember’ll do anything to free herself and save her father from du Bujac’s grasp.

Remember Hopkins

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