The Lusty Barnacle

Osprey Class Mid-Bulk Transport


Engines: 10 Hull: 8 Systems: 6


Optimized for Atmo 8

Your boat has aerodynamic stabilizers and heat shielding. Both improve the smoothness of her ride when you’re flyin’ in a world’s atmosphere. Only trouble is, them modifications are mighty finicky.
x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- High Temp Threshold: When you enter atmo during a Timed Action, spend 1 PP before you roll to treat any success as an Extraordinary Success. If you lose the roll, take a Failing Heat Shield 8 Complication.
- Zig Zag: While in atmo, step back Engines for the rest of the scene to create a Nimble Ship 8 Asset.

Smuggler’s Delight 8

Certain ships have been modified to address the needs of “privacy minded” crews.
x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Hidey Holes: When a Crewmember is trying to conceal cargo, add the ship’s Hull die to the roll.
- Covert: When making a Sneak roll with the ship, the pilot may spend 1 PP to reroll.

Off the Grid 8

For whatever reason, your ship never got properly registered. Even when you file all the necessary forms, they don’t get processed right.
x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Where Did She Go?: Spend 1 PP to create a No Record Found 8 Asset when trying to prevent someone from tracking you through the Cortex.
- Things Go Smooth…er: Take or step up a Complication related to your ship’s missing identification to reroll a die when dealing with the Law.


Hidden Storage 8

Salvaging derelicts is good work, providing a captain has the license for it. For those operating outside the Law, hidden storage compartments provide ways to stash precious cargo, illegal salvage, etc.

Electromagnetic Shielding 8

Your systems have been upgraded with advanced shielding and programs designed to keep hackers out and your digital and heat signature in. When power is shut down to minimal safe amounts, it’s nearly impossible to detect your ship from a distance.

Shuttle 6

Every captain knows that having an extra shuttle or two is handy in a pinch and can provide some extra cash to those who can afford the rent. Ship hulls are measured and then modified to fit.


Osprey Class Mid-Bulk Transport

Osprey Class Mid-Bulk Transport
Type Multi-purpose Transport
Length 280 Feet
Wing Span 155 Feet
Height 60 feet
Tonnage 2100 tons
Fuel Capacity 125 tons (600 hours)
Acceleration 5.5 G
Consumables 3 weeks
Max. Cargo 300 Tons + MULE
Reactor Royce-Allison Powerplant, Mitsubishi Type 9 Reactor
Engine Royce-Allison Vortex 7 Drive, Mitsubishi P-18 Plasmadrive
Thruster Royce-Allison Thrust Pack, Mitsubishi MP-6 Thrusters
Sensor Garmin Sensor Pack, Blue Sun:Optics Pack
Comm Garmin Telcomm, Blue Sun:LogicReach
Computer Garmin Everlast Computer

Another workhorse from the Kieran Yards stables is the Osprey Class Mid-bulk transport. Larger overall than the ubiquitous Firefly, but with slightly smaller internal volume, the Ospreys are designed as a fast, sturdy transport for use throughout the System. Their design emphasizes rugged capability, low maintenance, large passenger and cargo capacity, and sturdy service. The entire lower bay is given over to cargo operations, and measures roughly 90ft x 63 ft x 20 ft. The cargo bay is fitted with a two piece ramp/hatch combination that allows extremely large cargos to be loaded and with a belly mounted “bomb bay” cargo hatch as well. A spiral staircase at the forward starboard corner allows access to the Crew Deck. The Crew Deck is large and spacious, with comparatively wide corridors and a large lounge area and berthing compartments. The Crew deck is forked port and starboard, providing a center-line berth and pair of docking ports for a single shuttlecraft. The ports are fitted with telescoping access tunnels which easily accommodate larger and smaller shuttles. Two dorsal air-lock hatches (one forward, one aft-port) provide EVA access to the top of the ship.

Unusual for a civilian mid-bulk transport, the Ospreys are fitted with an integral two-bed infirmary on the port quarter. Three double-bed passenger compartments (with a double bed and two bunk-bed cabins for the crew) are standard for the Ospreys, though many owners juggle these accommodations according to their needs. The Ospreys are fitted with the trademark Kieran cockpit design, providing stations for pilot, copilot/navigator, and flight engineer.

To augment their maneuverability, the Ospreys are fitted with a pair of pivoting reaction drive assemblies with a 220o range of motion, which also fold eighty- degrees along their X-axis to lower the ship’s center of gravity and improve on-ground stability. In atmosphere maneuverability and stability are augmented by the twin boom tail configuration set well aft of the ship’s center of gravity.

Although the design (and many of the Ospreys still flying) is more than twenty years old, the design was placed back into limited production following the Unification War.

The Ospreys have found a home in a variety of industries- both legal and illegal. At least one privateer, known as the Sutter’s Pride, has replaced the centerline shuttle berth with a trainable missile battery, mounted a magnetic grappler in place of the “bomb-bay” hatch and an automatic gauss-gun in a chin turret under the cockpit.


The Lusty Barnacle

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