Firefly: Echoes of War

Getting Remember
Remember's rescue from capitans POV.

“Did you get them, doc?”, Capitan yelled in the comm system, “Well what’s taking you so long, I can’t stay here all day… Trip, go help Doc he got some problem with the lifting mechanism… Tian na (my god or god), I don’t know, why don’t you go and ask him yourself what’s the problem!”

“You’ve got her? Good.” The “Lusty Barnacle” started to move away from the mansion of Etienne Du Bujac. “Did she tell you when the shipment is?… What do you mean drugged her, did you ask her where the delivery is going to be!?!?!?… Daniel, I need her up and talking in two minutes!… Because it’s the time it will take us to get to the RV point with Viktor!!!”

“Viktor we are coming in to the RV, you there… I’m landing her down, and we are in a hurry. Seems like our friend Du Bujac is making a delivery now!”

Session Log: What's Yours is Mine, Part 2
cloak and dagger followed by a heroic rescue

Click through to view summary and player’s logs: S01E1: What’s Yours is Mine, Part 2

Backshuttle Conversations
Silently charging through the black from Persephone to Sweethome…

Aboard the Lusty Barnacle’s Old and Decrepit Shuttle…

. Session PP Awarded

“This suppressor better not be lese. I don’t want to be putting one in the back of some dà shǔ bèndàn de guā [rat fucker’s melon] and have everyone on the planet hear.” Viktor teased as he put his feet up on the broken shuttle’s console, turning the metal object in his hands with a lopsided grin.

“’cause Gods forbid you have to get your hands dirty,” Charles replied, wiping down the lathe of metallic dust and shavings. “Wouldn’t want you to break a nail, sweetheart.”

“The idea is always that I don’t get dirty. So, what do you think of this job that Yun has us on?”

“If you want my thoughts on ‘er, she’s already gotten your ass knocked to the deck; next thing you know we’ll be in some gorram guerilla warfare with the locals just so she’ll make a buck and we take the bullets.”

Viktor drew his pistol to verify, for the third time, that the suppressor would actually fit correctly.

“You keep threading and unthreading it you’ll wear ‘em out and give you a glorified flying sound-can to launch at the enemy.”

Viktor unscrewed the suppressor and re-holstered his pistol. “I wonder what the actual plan is, or if there even is one. We better not just be winging it again, like we did in the saloon.”

“You think the Cap’n ever has a plan? Other than us landing there and hopefully avoiding imminent violence, I don’t think he’s got much of a plan. Prolly waitin’ for us to start shootin’ so he’ll be reliving the glory days…”

“At least he gets to have some glory and live.” Viktor thumped the side of the control console with his foot before standing up and rifling through the junk currently stored in the broken-down shuttle. “Where are you gonna move once xiǎo nánhái [little boy] Trip gets this thing flying again?”

“Well, maybe I won’t move out. Kinda like it in here.” Charles leaned against the wall and surveyed the space, taking in the amount of junk that had accumulated over the past few weeks from various stalls and shops on every planet they had the opportunity to stop. “Sure, eventually I’ll have to clean the place up, but it’s homely. Can hang my hammock somewhere, sleep to the sound of the engines, watch the stars streak overhead from the viewport… Yea, think I’m gonna move in here, and keep my shop here as well.”

He thumped the ceiling with a knuckle, causing a plate to come crashing down with a rat’s nest of wiring dangling in front of his face. “’Course, I’m gonna have to fix the place up a bit… Think it needs curtains. Lacey, gently wafting curtains…”

“You definitely strike me as that kind of fella.”

Smith's Journal: The Adventure Continues!
aka "Evidence Docket #2855-J in Smith vs. The Alliance"

The Collective Journals of Charles Smith
Updated 29MAY14 for Episode 1, Session 3

Personal Journal of Quentin Tuttle III

Jailhouse Rock…

. Session PP Awarded

It happen again. I’m in jail… again. Sorry mom. So I’m stuck in a cell on some backwater world and honestly things are not looking good. Fortunately when the guards relieved us of our weapons and equipment they left me my small pocket notebook and a nub of pencil. I guess they can’t think of a way I could use it to escape, and neither can I. So I’ll take a sec and write down what’s been going on. It’s a weird habit I have from the POW days. Maybe one day I’ll publish my memoirs on the Cortex, that is of course if I don’t die first.

Anyway, how did your intrepid hero wind up in such a predicament, you ask? Well I’ll tell you. We had just made planetfall on Persephone when a call came over the Cortex for the captain. Some old friend of his needed some help with a job. Of course I did not get invited along which was fine with me. I had nothing but protein rations to eat for the last few months so I was looking forward to trying some of the local cuisine. Smith is from these parts and offered to show me around the city. We had just got our order of noodles at a place called Deckard’s when there was a frantic all over the comms from the rest of the crew. Hurriedly trying to ingest noodles as quickly as possible Smith and I made our way to the meetings location.

As one might expect if one knew the type of people we have on our crew things were escalating in a violent manner. Aren’t we just the funnest people. Anywho I just stood there with noodles hanging out my mouth. Did I mention that they were super tasty.

Long story short we got hired for the job and made our way to you Hannibal. Its a podunk mining town. We’re here to collect some cargo and we’re looking for the foreman. He is our contact. At least that was the plan. The sheriff rolled up on us and promptly through us in jail. Now we tried our best to get out of it, Smith was lurking about in the shadows and I did my best to provide an extraordinarily manly and brave distraction. It didn’t work. So here we are Smith, the Captain and me are locked in some backwater jailhouse. Doc, Kit and Victor are probably still in the saloon knocking back drinks without a care in the world. Those bastards. I hope the come and save us. This is the last time that I don’t go to the saloon when given the opportunity. Hope we don’t die.


Session Log: What's Yours is Mine, Part 1
when half the gang gets arrested in the pilot episode

Click through to view summary and player’s logs: S01E1: What’s Yours is Mine

Countdown Begins!

We’ll be having our first session online, via Roll 20 + Google Hangouts, in two weeks!

Thursday May 15, 2012

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