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What are the differences between Serenity RPG (2005) and Firefly RPG (2014)?

Two main differences.

  1. Licensing issues: Serenity RPG was licensed only for content from the film, they couldn’t reference anything from the TV Show. See this article. for more info.
  2. Game System: Serenity RPG was based on Cortex Classic, whereas Firefly RPG is based on Cortex Plus. Cortex Classic was more crunchy and rules-heavy, whereas Cortex Plus focuses more on tone, mood, and overall feel of the genre, allowing narrative and genre to dictate the events.

Do I have to play a browncoat?

In Firefly, Mal’s distrust of the Alliance affected the decisions he made on where to fly and when. That view influences how the FIREFLY RPG is presented, for the Alliance is a powerful and prominent antagonist in the show. However, what you do with the materials provided is up to you. If you want to run an Alliance-friendly Crew, all the rules are there in the Corebook. Your feelings about the government will affect how folk interact with you, but other than that the physical components of the ’Verse are the same for both sides.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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