The Cast


“Well. We’re all running from something, I suppose.”
-Inara, “Bushwacked”

The Crew

Character Role Player
Chen Yun Ship’s Captain, Former Merc kdanik187
Daniel Thorn Jr., M.D. First Mate, Doctor w/ a Drinking Problem Nergal
“Viktor Roux” A Man with Secrets SHannibalMiller
Charles Ankoshka Smith aka “The Smith” Omikias
Quentin (Trip) Tuttle III Engineer N3xus1
Kit Ketchum Successful Gambling Addict Phar40h
The Ship Ship

Guidelines for Custom Characters

We will use new characters to form our crew in the Echoes of War Campaign. To keep things simpler (for me, the novice GM), I request that we use one of the twenty-four archetypes defined in the rule book.Feel free to tweak them a little. That said, if you really have an original character concept burning inside you, send me a message and we’ll sort you out.

Creating a Crewmember

Here’s how to create a character in Firefly RPG. This information can be found on pages 192-193 of the Corebook.

Complete each step in order to create your new character based on an Archetype. If you want to create a character completely from scratch, please contact the Gamemaster and see pages 194-206 in the Corebook.

  1. Pick an Archetype
  2. Choose Two Distinction Triggers
  3. Step Up Skills
  4. Assign Third Skill Speciality
  5. Select a Signature Asset
  6. Name Your Character
  7. Background and Description

Questions? Contact the Gamemaster!

The Cast

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