The Verse

“Earth-That-Was couldn’t handle the growing population and resource needs of humankind. Amazingly enough, instead of wiping itself out, the human race rose to the challenge of finding a new home for the species. A nearby star was located, home to dozens of planets and hundreds of moons, almost all of which had enough mass and solidity to be templates for new earths. Through giant atmosphere processing plants, terraforming technologies, gravity regulation and the introduction of every known form of Earthlife, each planet became its own little (or in some cases, huge) Earth. Every person willing and able to leave the Earth migrated to the new system.”
- A Brief History of the Universe circa 2507 A.D.


The ’Verse is split up into three distinct regions spanning five planetary systems. Each system has one or more sources of light in the form of a star or protostar. The system’s planets revolve around these stars and, if ’n you remember your basic astronomy, you know that moons orbit their respective planets.

Though there are over 200 planets and moons in the known ’Verse, the vast majority of humanity can be found in the White Sun System. Billions of Alliance citizens call this region of the ’Verse their home, which is partly why the Central Planets are considered the most modern and civilized, too. The seat of the Alliance’s power lies at the very heart of the ’Verse and, as a result, this system has the most credits and is significantly more advanced in technology, medicine, the arts, and its laws than any place else in the ’Verse.

The Core

The center of the ’Verse is known by many names. When these planets first consolidated their laws, resources, and financial systems they did so under the banner of the Union of the Allied Planets. After the War, they’re commonly referred to as the Central Planets. Other names include: Bai Hu (White Tiger), Core Planets, the Core, and the White Sun System.

The system’s star is about twice the size of any other found in this part of the ’Verse. Almost 50 billion people make their home in the Central Planets. It’s the easiest place to find work and enjoy the wonders of fancy technology—provided you can stomach livin’ under the Alliance’s rule. Just outside the Central Planets is an asteroid belt called “The Halo”— a set of C-, M-, and S-Class asteroids that encircles the whole system.

Border Planets

Border Planets—so named on account of their proximity to the Core and the Rim—are located in two separate systems. Sandwiched in between the two regions, the Alliance has a moderate influence on folk in this region. Prices are higher, resources are scarcer, and the most common forms of transportation are either by train or by horse.

The Rim

This area of space lies beyond the boundaries of the Border and Central Planets and is the newest section of the ’Verse. Many travelers believe the Alliance has no say in the Rim, but that ain’t exactly true. The government and major corporations both like to use these areas of space for “experimental” purposes such as major prison complexes, giant shipyards, or training facilities for a new type of stealth freighter. There are two star systems in The Rim, Kalidasa or Xuan Wu (Black Tortoise) System, and the Blue Sun System.

The Verse

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