On Hold

As of June 2014 – this campaign is on hold!

Out in the black…

Echoes of War is a Firefly RPG for new players running all the WoW adventures published by Margaret Weis Productions. The Firefly RPG Corebook was released on PDF in April 2014.

The Unification War has been over for only 6 years, not that long. Memories are vivid. The losers may be bitter and disillusioned or they might just want to forget and move on. The winners may be insufferable and gloat over their fallen foes or they could feel proud that they did what was required of them. Each adventure has something to do with the Unification War. It’s up to the Crew to figure out what that “something” is, and then deal with the situation in your own way—and finish the job, of course.

Episode Index

# Title Airdate
004 “Wedding Planners, Part 1” 12 June, 2014
TBA (See More)
003 “What’s Yours is Mine, Part 3” 29 May, 2014
Soaring into the black, the crew is in bad shape, but at least they have Remember. Before passing out from an ill applied sedative, she warns the crew that the ore shipment is going down right now! (See More)
002 “What’s Yours is Mine, Part 2” 22 May, 2014
Half the Crew are prisoners, sent to the mines to work for the local mining boss du Bujac when a cave in occurs. After winning over the town folk in their rescue attempts, the Crew executes a daring infiltration and rescue operation. (See More)
001 “What’s Yours is Mine, Part 1” 15 May, 2014
It’s six years after the Unification War. We meet our motley band on Persephone where they are taking a simple job for an old war contact. Your standard heist in a backwater mining town. What could go wrong? (See More)

The Low Down

This is a new player friendly game. It is the GMs first time GMing in many years, so if you’re new too, then come learn with us! If you’re more experienced and want to come anyways, feel free to join up. The goal of this campaign is to become familiar with the Cortex Plus system and the Firefly RPG setting.

This is narrative game, not a rules heavy game. Firefly / Cortex Plus is less crunchy than traditional rules heavy games like Pathfinder and D&D. Instead of simulating things as they would happen in the real world, Cortex Plus focuses more on tone, mood, and overall feel of the genre, allowing narrative and genre to dictate the events. “What would this character be able to do in the setting?” It rewards roleplaying and collaborative storytelling.

  • System: Firefly (new 2014 edition)
  • Days: Weekly, Thursdays
  • Time: 10am – 2pm EST / 15-19 GMTTimezone converter
  • Where: "Roll 20 / Skype ":https://app.roll20.net/join/389607/mRxz8w – microphone required

Firefly: Echoes of War

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