Chen Yun

Former merc, fought for the wrong side during the Unification Wars. Now ship captain and entrepreneur.



Mental: 8 Physical: 8 Social: 8


Skill Dice Specialty Skill Dice Specialty
Craft 4 Notice 6
Drive 4 Operate 8
Fight 8 Perform 4
Fix 4 Shoot 10 Pistols
Fly 12 Transport Ships Sneak 4
Focus 6 Survive 4
Influence 12 Leadership Throw 4
Know 4 Treat 4
Labor 4 Trick 4
Move 6


Ship’s Captain 8

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Protect the Crew: When a Crewmember in the same scene as you acquires a Complication, spend 1 PP to take it away and step it back.
x Lead the Crew: When one of your crew directly follows one of your orders, spend 1 PP and give that Crewmember an Asset equal to your Influence die rating.

Highlighted Skills: Fly, Focus, Influence

Mercenary 8

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
- Highest Bidder: Gain 1 PP when you try to get a better deal than your current contract from the side you’re not currently fightin’ for.
- Time for Some Thrillin’ Heroics: Spend 1 PP to go first in any battle or combat scene. On your first Action, you may reroll any dice that come up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point.

Highlighted Skills: Fight, Move, Shoot

Ship’s Pilot 8

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a*(d4-s)4*instead of a 8.
x Born Behind the Wheel: Spend 1 PP to step up or double your ship’s Engines Attribute for your next roll.
- I’ve Never Tried That Before: If you replace your Fly or Operate Skill with a 4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.

Highlighted Skills: Fly, Notice, Operate

Signature Assets

Fancy Six-Shooter 8

Derelicts floatin’ aimlessly in the black should be easy game, but, on account of the Alliance and rival crews, they’re not. Don’t matter none ’cause your six-shooter never leaves your side. You’re well prepared for trouble wherever it may be.



Chen was born on Beaumonde and was able to get in to flight school, he was one of the best students, but was expelled because of the fight with his fellow student. Being young and looking for adventure he went to the border planets and became a mercenary.

Chen Yun joined the mercenary company few years before the Unification War started. They were doing different types of jobs from protecting mines and facilities to enforcing “peace”. When the war started company captain decided it would be a good idea to join the Independents side since they needed the men more, and the pay was decent.

The pay was decent and the loot too. In time Chen became a section leader. In the last years of war the outcome was pretty obvious to Chen and most of his men, so during the battle of Du-Khang he contacted the Alliance, and offered to surrender his position and even join the Alliance war efforts with his squad for a small compensation. Alliance accepted the offer, but instead of paying him and his men they arrested them and sent them off to the POW camp.

In a POW camp he heard stories about prisoners being sent to the medical facilities for a routine checks and never returning. After some time in the camp he realized that the stories were true, more and more people were disappearing. Not wanting to find out what those ‘medical checks’ are Chen and some of his fellow prisoners decided to escape. One evening while they were still planning the escape an alarm went off on the opposite part of the camp, noticing the opportunity Chen and led his fellow prisoners to assault and overpower the guards and they headed for the landing pads. On their way to the landing pads he noticed one person started to lag behind and fell. Chen dragged him up and led him to the long range alliance shuttle. That prisoner turned out to be an alliance doctor who arrange the diversion so that prisoners could escape. They became good friends and traveled together ever since.

Without any skills other than fighting he decided to try himself in a bounty hunting business. Sometime later he was able to capture a bounty, it was a trader wanted by the alliance for smuggling. Chen was able to buy of the merchants ship from an alliance auction and decided to “settle down” and start an enterprise of his own.

Chen Yun

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