Daniel Thorn Jr., M.D.

An elderly doctor who loves his drink.



Mental: 10 Physical: 6 Social: 8


Skill Dice Specialty Skill Dice Specialty
Craft 4 Notice 6
Drive 4 Operate 10
Fight 6 Perform 6
Fix 4 Shoot 6
Fly 4 Sneak 4
Focus 10 Survive 4
Influence 8 Throw 4
Know 8 Biology Treat 10 Combat Wounds
Labor 4 Trick 4
Move 4


First Mate 8

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4instead of a 8.
- Got Your Back, Sir: If your captain fails a die roll in your presence, step up or double your Attribute on your next die roll.
x Right Here, Sir: Spend 1 PP to join a scene involving the captain that you weren’t already in.

Highlighted Skills: Fight, Influence, Notice

Ship’s Doctor 8

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
x Experimental Procedure: If you replace your Operate or Treat Skill with a 4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.
- Natural Healer: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s medical or injury-based Complication.

Highlighted Skills: Know, Operate, Treat

Drunk 8

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4instead of a 8.
- Functional Alcoholic: Start every Episode with a Drunk 6 Compcication. Step it up to reroll a die on a failed Action. Once it exceeds 12, you are out until given medical treatment.
- Gaps in Memory: Gain 1 PP to reveal that you don’t remember or recall the events of a previous scene in which you had an active Drunk Complication.

Highlighted Skills: Influence, Focus, Perform

Signature Assets

Hip Flask 8

An old, battered hip flask. It’s older than Thorn. It was given to him by his grandfather, on his 18th birthday, and carries a sentimental value, as well as some hard liquor.

Doctor’s Bag 8

An old-fashioned leather bag for “doctor stuff”. One of the most prominent contents of the bag is a stethoscope, polished to a shine. Because how can you call yourself a doctor is you don’t have a stethoscope?



An elderly gentleman past his fifties. His head is balding, and the hair that is left, and his beard are completely gray. Prefers to wear black clothes, unless he’s in “his office”, where the black is accompanied by a snow-white lab coat.

Dan was born on Londinium, as a second son of a rich merchant. Being quite smart, and knowing he will have almost no inheritance (his father did not believe in splitting his company, and from the earliest days made it clear, that his oldest son, George, will inherit everything), Thorn Jr. decided, that he has to build his fortune for himself.

He was always good with science, especially biology. Pursuing a career of medicine seemed like a good idea. The Alliance did pay good money to doctors, and it was a respected profession. Once his goals were set, Dan made everything in his powers to be excepted into one of the best universities. Soon after finishing his studies he got married, and had a son of his own. But his happiness did not last long. His son got sick with an incurable disease and died.

It devastated Dan, and destroyed his life. He blamed himself for being unable to save his flesh and blood. His wife did the same. they got a divorce, and Dan started drinking.

Shortly before the start of the Unification War in 2506, Dr. Thorn, at his wit’s end, took the services of a Registered Companion by the name of Nova Norling, a stunning blonde woman in her early 20s. Surely losing himself amidst the flowing alcohol and down between the pale porcelain thighs oa flawless specimen of female anatomy would help ease his tormented mind.

Nova did more than satisfy the Dr’s physical cravings, for as a strong empath, she provided some well deserved respite from the pain and suffering caused by the death of his son from an illness he couldn’t cure and the subsequent tearing apart of his marriage. She didn’t pity him in a sad dog sort of way, but she understood truly the effect it had on him and how his drinking was a direct result of those events. She believed, and told him as much, that he is deep down a good and loyal man who is pushing himself too far. She hoped he would come out of his downward spiral of despair and self destruction. Maybe he recognized her sincerity and genuine care, and perhaps he saw some truth in what she said, and not ready or willing to face his demons, that sort of penetrating gaze unnerved him.

Or maybe her prices were just too high. Regardless, he didn’t call on Nova again and never responded to her several letters.

Just a few months later the Unification War began, and Daniel volunteered as a medic. He secretly hoped that he would be killed there and his miserable life would come to an end. But the only wound he received was cutting himself with a scalpel while drinking.

The war was ending, and Daniel was transferred to a POW camp. It turned out, that the Alliance was conducting terrible experiments on captured browncoats.

One evening, having a lot more to drink than usual, Dan decided to go out in a blaze of glory, doing something right. He created a diversion, that allowed some of the prisoners to escape.
When Thorn was stumbling after the running men, he knew, that there was no chance for him to escape. But one of the prisoners, who’s name turned out to be Chen Yun, didn’t abandon him, and risked his life to drag the drunk doctor to safety of a ship the escapees were stealing.
Now, Thorn has become Yun’s loyal first mate. He knows, that the life they are living is dangerous, and deep inside, even if he’s afraid to admit it to himself, he still hopes that his life will end violently. If would be an atonement for all that he’s done in the POW camp. For his wasted life. For his dead son.

And while the Grim Reaper is not here, there’s some time to do good.

Daniel Thorn Jr., M.D.

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