Seth Liang

Lilianna’s quiet protector.



Mental: 8 Physical: 10 Social: 6


Skill Dice Specialty Skill Dice Specialty
Craft 4 Notice 6
Drive 6 Operate 4
Fight 10 Swords Perform 4
Fix 4 Shoot 8
Fly 4 Sneak 4
Focus 6 Survive 4
Influence 8 Throw 4
Know 6 Treat 4
Labor 4 Trick 4
Move 8 Martial Arts


Strong, Silent Type 8

You’re big, strong, and you follow orders. You get trusted with valuable things of all sorts.

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.
x Protector: Gain 1 Plot Point when you do what’s best for your charge, not your master.

Highlighted Skills: TBA

Decorated 8

You came back from the War with a medal and a story. You’re not sure if it was worth the cost.

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a 4 instead of a 8.

Highlighted Skills: TBA

Wudang Style 8

Also known as Practical Tai Chi. Being dangerous when your sword is back in your room is pretty dang practical.

x Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a*(d4-s)4*instead of a 8.
x Fighting Spirit. Step up a Complication created to avoid being Taken Out in a fight to reroll your dice.

Highlighted Skills: TBA

Signature Assets

Double-Edged Sword (jian) 8

Seth’s Jian is his weapon of choice, a deadly blade in the hands of a trained warrior. Although Seth is not a superstitious man, he believes the Jian brings him luck on the field of battle; he carried it with him at the Battle of Serenity Valley.


Character Type: Loyal Bodyguard
Role: Lilianna’s quiet protector.

Character Description

Seth is in his early thirties.
His father is Chinese, his mother Caucasian. He’s of
medium height, very strong and muscular. He works
out daily, lifting weights and running to keep himself
fit. He’s an average shot, for he doesn’t practice. He
has killed his fair share of men and will do everything
in his power to avoid killing any more. He’s skilled
in the wudang style of martial arts, including the
use of the jian or double-edged sword.
What Came Before: Seth was born on the Baron’s
ranch, son of a ranch hand. When war broke out,
he left to join the military, fighting on the side of
the Alliance. He was wounded during the War and
received the Silver Citation Starburst for bravery
under fire.

Connection to Optimus Fairchild

After the War
ended, Seth returned to visit his parents. While
there, he happened to save the Baron’s life when a
drunken ranch hand tried to slit his throat. Impressed
with Seth’s skill and courage, the Baron hired him as
his own personal bodyguard. The Baron trusts Seth
implicitly, which he why he chose him to accompany
his daughter, Lilianna, on board Serenity.
Connection to Lilianna Fairchild, Daniel Blake,
and Templeton Steele: Seth knows both Lilianna
and her lover, Daniel, from his days on the ranch.
He’s fond of them, but he thinks that Lilianna can
do better for herself than an impoverished ranch
hand. Might as well fall in love with a rich man as
a poor one. He knows nothing about Templeton
Steele beyond his name and the fact that he is said
to be very wealthy.

The story so far

Seth is very loyal to his employer.
The Baron ordered him to bring Lilianna safely to her
wedding and Seth obeys orders. If some fellow soldier
were to take Seth aside, however, and tell him the
truth about Templeton Steele, that his millions are
drenched with the blood of good men, Seth might
change his mind and help Lilianna escape her fate.
Seth doesn’t trust Asante. He has a gut feeling
about her. She just doesn’t fit his picture of a wedding
planner. As Lilianna’s bodyguard, he keeps an eye
on Asante. He won’t be surprised to find out she’s
not who she claims to be.

Likes and Dislikes

When he was first told that

Lilianna was going to be travelin’ on a boat named
Serenity, Seth did not connect the name with the site
of the battle. (He figured the owner was a Buddhist
who hoped for calm and peaceful voyages!) The
moment Seth was told that the captain was a former
Browncoat, he made the connection.
Seth knows the voyage could be difficult for
him if a Browncoat loyalist finds out about his past.
That said, he’s never met anyone else who was in
Serenity Valley and he wonders if meeting someone
who was there—even the enemy—could help heal
old wounds. His counselor has encouraged him to
talk about his experiences, though he finds it hard
to do so.

Flashbacks and Echoes: He won’t bring up the
War, but if someone else does, he talks about his
experiences. Seth isn’t ashamed of his part in the
War. He did his duty as a soldier. He won’t mention
his medal, however, though he keeps it with him,
hidden in his duffle bag, in a plain cardboard box.

Seth Liang

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