Sheriff Isaac Demsky "Izzy" Demsky

Hannibal’s chief law enforcer


“See this badge? I got no patience for troublemakers in my town.”

  • Character Type: Corrupt Sheriff
  • Role: Hannibal’s chief law enforcer.
  • Acts: I and III

Isaac Demsky is a Unification War veteran hired by Etienne du Bujac to keep the workers and townsfolk in line. He’s not the worst sort of official, but he’s definitely in du Bujac’s pocket. As long as the credits keep flowing, Demsky won’t make a move against him. In fact, Demsky isn’t likely to do much he isn’t paid for, meaning he won’t expend much time or energy investigating or stopping any crimes that don’t endanger du Bujac’s interests or the general peace unless someone bribes him.

Demsky views himself as a respected member of his employer’s organization and treats du Bujac’s mercenaries and guards with a thinly masked contempt. To him, they’re guns-for-hire destined to rack up the body count for a little gold. After all, he’s seen folk like Lin Teng do terrible things without much provocation at all—which is somethin’ he wouldn’t do. Arrest folk? Yes. Torture ’em? No.

The sheriff knows he’s corrupt, but he’s determined to keep the peace without help from outsiders. Though Demsky won’t gun down a miner in cold blood with no provocation, he will book ’em on a dummy charge like “resisting arrest.” Beyond that, he isn’t interested in fair fights or giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. Despite his feelings about du Bujac’s mercenaries, Demsky will rely on them to help him out if the sheriff is faced with a fierce opponent he can’t arrest or take down with the help of his deputies.

Demsky may be a weasel, but he sure don’t look like one. Though most backwater sheriffs can’t afford one, Demsky wears a custom-made uniform replete with a shiny tin badge and a tie. Always in his “sheriff suit,” the Hannibal native’s got a thick hide, strong chin, and beady little eyes. Demsky tends to bring a few deputies with him wherever he goes, just in case the local townsfolk forget who’s in charge.

Likes and Dislikes

Sheriff Demsky is happy being du Bujac’s pet lawman and doesn’t have any designs beyond taking his boss’s orders or his money. Though he’s content right where he is, Demsky does have one sore spot—most of the townsfolk think he’s a yellow-bellied coward. Accusing the sheriff of bein’ du Bujac’s patsy or abandoning his duties is sure to make Demsky a mite twitchy. Otherwise, Demsky is level-headed enough to keep his cool.

Flashbacks and Echoes

Demsky had been recruited to fight for the Alliance in the Unification War, but he wound up ditchin’ his duties and hitched a ride back to Hannibal. Sometimes, Demsky complains that the Independents were high-minded fools, but that’s as political as he gets. He don’t like to talk about the War much, if at all, or draw any unwanted Alliance attention.


Sheriff Isaac Demsky "Izzy" Demsky

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