Background and Description

Step 7: Biographical Information

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Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to add a few details:

  • Your Name: What do folks call ya?
  • Birthplace: Where were you born? On a Border Planet? In the Core?
  • What You Look Like: Got a telltale birthmark? Blonde hair? Tall and stout? Short and thin?

To further flesh out your character background, take a peek at the Distinctions you’ve chosen and think about the following. No need to write a novel if you don’t want to, a phrase or sentence in response is plenty to get your character moving and breathing.

  • Where you’ve been the last few years.
  • Where you’re going in the near future.
  • What your role was in the Unification War.
  • What you’re doing to keep your head above water.
  • How you feel about the politics of the ’Verse (the Alliance, the War, etc.).
  • Which planet, space station, or moon you hail from.
  • What you think about the other four systems.
  • If you believe in Reavers or think there’s a monster waitin’ for you in the black.
  • Why you want to be in a Crew.
  • Whether or not you’re the spiritual sort.
  • What kinds of foods, music, and clothing you fancy.

Background and Description

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