Picking up Viktor

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FOOMFOOMFOOMFoomfoomfoo The sound of AA explosions were slowing as the guns stopped firing.

Viktor pulled his mask and hood off, smirking confidently as he strolled back into town, heading for the saloon. He needed to lay low until he could coordinate a pick-up plan with The Lusty Barnacle. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at the files he stole either. Maybe there was something in there he could use.

“Lone Ranger to Sea Spray, find a clearing outside of town that you can touch down in and relay coordinates,” he transmitted over a secure comm channel to the ship. “I’m going dark until then.”

Once he began to see people milling about, curious as to the source of the ruckus, he began to move more stealthily. It wouldn’t do to have everyone see him walking away from ground zero dressed like he was. If word got back to Du Bujac the hunt might be on. Maybe I should just go back and put a bullet in his brainpan. Viktor thought better of that. It was never a good idea to return to the scene after the job was done.

When he arrived at the Dry River he saw the crowd standing out front, then decided to enter through a back entrance and get Sally’s attention. Lucky for him she was still minding the bar while everyone else gathered outside.

“Sally, give me a shot of your best. I think I’ve earned it.”

She turned and smiled, then pulled a shot glass from under the bartop and set it down. “I had a feeling you guys had something to do with this. Must be quite the show out there!” Sally pulled a bottle from a high shelf and filled the glass on the bar.

“Believe me, the show part has nothing to do with me,” Viktor assured her as he threw back the drink. “Oh, and I need somewhere to hide out until I can set up a rendezvous with the Barnacle. Know anywhere good?”

“It’s not much, but you can use the storage cellar. I’m the only one who ever goes down there. Has an exit to the outside, too. Can leave whenever you want.”

“Sounds perfect. Show me the way?”

Sally lifted up the hinged section of her bar and lead Viktor down into the cellar. The light on the stairway flickered on when she pulled the cord. “I’m afraid there aren’t no comforts down here.”

“None needed,” Viktor said matter-of-factly. “I’ve stayed in worse.”

Sally, unsure of how to take that information, smiled nervously. “I’ll be up at the bar for a bit still if you need anything.”

Viktor just nodded at her as she made her way back up the steps.

Still under cover of darkness, Viktor snuck his way out of the back cellar entrance and through town toward the pick-up point. Signaling the Captain just before he got there, The Lusty Barnacle swooped into the clearing, loading ramp already open, and Viktor stepped on without breaking stride.

Picking up Viktor

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