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Season 1, Episode 1/Pilot – “Whats Yours Is Mine”
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Season 1, Episode 2 – “TBA
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15MAY14 : S1/E1 Session 1 : I HATE MY JOB

Well, this job already sucks… First, I loose out on enjoying noodles from Deckards, then the crew gets pissy with me for going for noodles. “Well excuse me, princesses, I got a life to live.” Couldn’t find any decent parts, no custom orders, nothing… At least I got to know my fellow Engineer, Trip, a bit better. Bit soft in the soul, but nothing an bit of abrasion in this life won’t cure.

Homestead. Already don’t like this backwater crap. Been ‘ordered’ by the Cap’n to go with him and Trip to the mine while the others go get drunk in a bar. Riiight… Send an alcoholic, a gambling addict, and our best gunslinger to a bar. Take the chun (dumbass) Cap’n, my ja hwo (fellow) Engineer, whom is le se (garbage) in a fight, and me, go knock on the door and say “Hi, we’re here about a robbery we’re gonna commit. Mind lettin’ us in?”
… Right, this isn’t going to end well… Hopefully we don’t get arrested or some nui shi (cow poop / bullshit) and have to stay on this dustball.

(The following pages are taped into the notebook and are scribed on dust-stained paper)

Thank the Gods Trip had some spare scraps of paper. Managed to trade off a work shift with someone for a pencil with a legitimate eraser; figured the guards would just issue out broken pencils to spite us. Been in the mines a few hours now, needed a break, so I’m writing.
So lemme bring my readers (and by readers, I mean myself) up to speed: jobs gone south on account of a bad call by our so-called “smooth talker” on account of him thinkin’ that the Big Bad Boss doesn’t pretty much own this town, ornery sheriff included. If I see that card-snake again, by my tags-and-jars I’m gonna kick that chun he chu-sheng za-jiao de zang-huo (retarded filthy fornicator of livestock) ass till my boots go from black to brown to red.
p. I don’t much care for jail. Spent a whole lot of time and energy in the olden days doin’ my damnedest to stay out the pokey. But this is a backwater planet, prolly with no Alliance connections of any worth. If I’m lucky, my record stays clean and I get busted out. If not so lucky… When I get out, I’m puttin’ Kit-Kats head in the lathe and carving a new waterpipe out of his skull… But i digress. Violence never got me far in the trades business, nor the arts. Did get me far in negotiatin’, but that’s only ‘cause Viktor-y had my back. Miss that stoic bastard already and it’s only been a few hours.
p. Well Viky, if ya readin’ this and I do indeed die in prison, you can have my shotgun, my pipe, that bottle of absinth I keep hidden in my pillow, and my FAR BETTER CLEANING KIT than yours. Q-Ball, you get my tools and my hammock. Cap’n, uhh… Got some vids stored you can have, but they’re not for viewin’ in public if ya catch my drift. Doc, I’m sure you’ll fit my old jumpsuits fine. Kit, ya done goof’d and get nothing. Good day sir.
Last Will and Testament out of the way, we’re gettin’ pushed on to K-11 tunnel I’m told. Haven’t seen that inbred sheriff down here gloatin’ yet. Words around some of the inmates wanna find him and shank ‘im if/when we get out. Think I’ll sign up for that. Always wanted an eyeball or two in a jar. Maybe a testicle too for decoration.


(The following pages are taped into the notebook and are scribed on dust-stained paper)

Never woulda thought honest work would suck this badly. Mines as stable as my bowels after eating at Caspians, the tools are basically a sick and some iron duct-taped to it, and the hospitality is a joke.

(The following pages are resumed in the notebooks clean (ish) paper)

Met with Grady Hopkins finally; mine foreman, and our contact here. Shits gone south in a bad way. Didn’t have much of a picture about some of these backwater corrupt worlds. Now I do. And a face to put to them. We were in the midst of finding out about the job when a cave-in happened. Trip blew his back out while we were moving rocks to help the poor bastards. Few didn’t make it, a few others got broken limbs…

Now, I don’t meet many people who boil my blood, but this guy… Du Bujac. I grew up on a moon as far-off with corruption as this one, but at least they kept their darkness secret. This brown-ass ba wang (tyrant) wears it like a tailored suit. I get the Sheriff being corrupt; toss enough money at any hick they’ll be your friend. But this bastard… Didn’t even bat an eye when he was told the death count. And I know a deep player when I see one. Especially since he let us go with no trouble. Speaking of which, I should check my gear, make sure he didn’t put a tracker or anything in my tools…

Came up with a plan of attack to get at everything on the table. Grady’s girl, Remember, is in the ba wang’s manor, along with the information on where the shipment of ore is going, and for whom. There’s also word the AAs could be disabled from there. Plans simple. Viktor goes in, does his ninja stuff, gets the paydata and the girl, disables the guns, and we evac them. Well, should’ve been that easy… I’m writing from medbay. I apparently passed out from exhaustion, what with the stress of the bomb building (forgot to mention we left a boomer as a distraction) and having to deal with being shot while on a rope, I needed a nap.

So lemme explain. I chose to be the big damn hero to this girl. Grabbed a harness, clipped to the line on the winch, and down the bomb bay I went. Easy-peasy getting lowered down and tying the little lady to me. Hard part was getting up. Trip took a bullet trying to unjam the winch after a lucky shot clipped it. We were getting peppered with small-arms, and I’m not one to stick around and get shot at. I told Remember to hold on and gave every drop of adrenaline I had to climbing that rope. Hands burned as I slid down a bit, but I didn’t give up. Once she was safe and on board, I felt like the Barnacle had landed on my shoulders. Apparently I did get shot once. Doc did some work on me, but I feel funny… Think I need to stop writing…

29MAY14 : S1/E1 Session 3 : TBD

Woke up to us in pursuit of Du Bujac and his massive ship. Doc gave me a wakey-wakey drug and now I feel wired to the nines. I don’t know what the Captain did to scare them off, but they broke off the run at the cargo shuttle. I wasn’t too involved with what happened next, but we found (and scanned) the cargo, loaded it up, and had a word with Du Bujacs debter, Kostya, whom works for Niska. I don’t need to say more than that, but an associate of Niska isn’t someone to piss about with.

We struck a simple deal after numerous negotiations to trade Du Bujac himself for the ownership of the mine. Simple enough trade for us; got the ore and the mine, get some revenge of Du-shbag, and make a steady profit. Wasn’t difficult luring him out, but Cap’n snapped and shot one of the poor bastards in the face. Nasty business.

Needless to say, jobs done. Mines been traded off to Morrison in exchange for a 51/49% split of profits, giving her majority. Ore is going to be sold off to pay for the Shuttle being repaired, so now I can work away from the ship… So tired of Cap’n threatening me for making thermite in the refresher. At least I stopped stilling napalm in the galley, using the good pots…

05JUNE14 : S1/E2 Session 3 : TBD

The Collective Journals of Charles Smith

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